Grupo AS Resinas’ story begins on December 18, 2013 when its founding partner Anibal Simões Mendes dos Santos, after spending more than 30 years accumulating successful experience at other large companies in the terpene products segment, decided to open a new company based on a unique business strategy.
The company initially focused on producing gum resin and on consolidating its forest base.

Rincão da Lagoa Farm – Itaí, SP

With the belief that businesses are made up of qualified people, Bernardo da Costa Monteiro de Mello, the former CEO of key companies in the terpene products segment, was brought into the group as a partner.
In 2015, the construction of the largest and most modern Gum Rosin and Turpentine production plant in Latin America was begun In February 2016, with the opening of the group’s production unit, Grupo AS Resinas began operating.

Photo of a plant under construction at Aliança Farm, located in the city of Apiaí in São Paulo.

Our Business Principles

We will always be an ethical company that values relationships and has respect for our business partners.
We want to be recognized by our clients as a responsible and innovative company that always seeks to offer unique solutions by means of our products and services.
We want to be a company with differentiated profitability, obtained by means of efficient management of our business and by working in compliance with the country’s laws.
We always work in a safe and conscious manner, preserving the health and safety of our employees, service providers, and community.
We treat the environment with respect in all areas of operation.

Our Business Principles

AS Group RESINAS account in their management with highly experienced professionals
and they are proven in their carreias, a high level of entrepreneurship.