One of Grupo AS Resinas’ pillars of operation is the innovation of its products, processes and services. For this reason, we dedicate a part of our profits to the search for new solutions for the market and for our clients.
In our product area, we have sought to identify new products that meet the specific needs of our clients.
Our production unit currently uses the most modern automation processes on the market, while constantly updating in order to guarantee the uniformity of our products.

Laboratory - Apiaí, SP

In addition to the technological advancement projects, Grupo AS Resinas’ plant is focused on environmental management projects such as reusing water consumed during the process, solid waste management, use of biomass filter materials and energy recovery.
Our agenda is entirely focused on proving new concepts and translating these into new products, processes, and services. We seek to continually advance by means of new projects, actions, and information to increase the company’s capacity to meet the demands of the chemical industry, while also anticipating and taking on the challenges of the future.

Chromatograph — Apiaí, SP