From Brazil to the world, a part of our products is present in the daily life of most people. The AS Resinas Group is proud to have partner clients in all parts of the globe.
Our products, produced from qualified Resin Gum from our business partners, meet the most stringent quality and compliance standards of the domestic and global industry.


The process of producing and separating gum rosinand turpentine is rather old and is based on the distillation of gum resin in controlled temperature conditions. Historically distilled in copper stills using primitive techniques, the gum rosin obtained from the separation process was black, hence the origin of the popular term “pitch black.”


With technological advancements in the process by which gum rosin and turpentine are produced and separated, the color of gum rosin produced became continually clearer, generating a more stable product and allowing it to be used in numerous other applications.

As it is a natural product, gum resin varies in its characteristics and chemical composition. Current distillation processes should be adapted to these characteristics, which makes producing gum rosin and turpentine at the level of quality and consistency demanded by the market a complex task.

With current and future market demands in mind, AS Resinas built the most modern plant in Brazil, with an above-average level of automation utilized in the plant. As such, AS Resinas is prepared to supply a product with elevated consistency and above-average performance.

Resin acids are diterpene monocarboxylic acids. The most common of these acids is represented by the molecular formula C20H30O2. With few exceptions, resin acids from pine trees belong to three basic classes: abietic, pimaric and isophoric acids.

Available products:
- AS 15 T – Tropical Gum Rosin
- AS 90M – Mixed Gum Rosin- Elliottis and Tropical
- AS 240 E – Elliottiis Gum Rosin
- AS 1440 E – Non-Crystallizing 24h Elliottis Gum Rosin
- AS 80 FE – Non-Crystallizing Elliottis Gum Rosinmodified with formaldehyde

Available Packages:
- Sack of Raffia Flakes 25kg
- Sack of Paper Flakes 25kg
- Sack of Solid Paper 25kg
- Galvanized Steel Drums 250kg
- In bulk



Turpentine is essentially a mix of bicyclic monoterpene hydrocarbon isomers, predominantly alpha pinene and beta pinene.


Available Products:
- E Turpentine – Terebntina Elliottiis
- T Turpentine – Terebintina Tropical

Packages Available
- 20 ton Isotank
- 1 ton IBC
- 180kg Drum