Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Deliver value and differentiation to our customers through our chemical products derived from pine trees, based on renewable sources, with social, environmental and safety responsibility, through sustainable management from the forest to the final customer, through innovation and knowledge of our customers' needs; with deep attention to our stakeholders.


Our Mission, Vision, and Values

To be recognized worldwide as an innovative and value-creating company, to our customers and stakeholders, focusing on renewable natural products.


Health and Safety and Environment:
We believe that all work-related injuries are preventable. We take care of each other and work to no incidents ever. We work effectively in reducing our environmental footprint and seeking to assure sustainability of our products.

Focus on Customer: The goal of our company is to add value to our clients' businesses, seeking to exceed their expectations and helping them to create value.

Innovation: We are naturally dissatisfied with the commonplace and we believe that there is always a better way to do something and we encourage the search for innovative ideas and we seek innovative approaches and products.

Focus on results: We are a team that believes in results, we are makers, we work with a team of professionals who believe in these values.

Diversity and Inclusion: We create an inclusive global culture where everyone can do their best work. We seek different points of view and engage in conversations to enrich our ability to generate new ideas.

Sustainability: By principle we believe in the chemistry of renewable products and we act with responsibility and future awareness in our activities and new projects.

Honesty and Integrity: We are trusted in all relationships. Our actions match our words. We do the right thing at all times.