Inspired by our values and guided by our vision, Grupo AS Resinas’ Code of Conduct expresses our commitment to ethics in our relationships with clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, public authorities, the media, our community, and society in general.
It is a tool we use daily to guide our actions and decisions, thus guaranteeing  synergy across all of the Group’s companies, regardless of geographical location, culture, or market.

We have always been an ethical company that values the relationships we have with and the respect we have for our business partners. We want to be recognized by our clients as a responsible and innovative company that always seeks to offer unique solutions by means of our products and services.

We want to be a company with differentiated profitability, obtained by means of efficient management of our business and by means of working in compliance with the country’s governing laws.

We preserve the health and safety of our employees, service providers, and community.

We treat the environment with respect in all areas of operation.